Revelli – a collection

I’ve collected some links to interesting things about Dr. William D Revelli.

The University of Michigan Heritage story “Revelli: The Long Note” starts with this quote:

“You are not a conductor of bands, you’re a conductor of people.” –William D. Revelli

Dr. Revelli appeared in “If You Knew Sousa”, part of the PBS series “The American Experience”. (I checked the American Experience shop, but they didn’t have any “If You Knew Sousa” T-Shirts. )

Hundreds of quotes were collected by students. I haven’t found the entire collection on-line, however here are about 100  Revell-isms.

Dr. Revelli has a page in the University of Michigan Faculty History Project. This has links to several things, and it looks like more will be added.  Introduction says: “The Faculty History Project documents faculty members who have been associated with the University of Michigan since 1837, and the history of the University’s schools and colleges. This project is part of a larger effort to prepare resources for the University’s bicentennial in 2017.”